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Real-time dyadic chat app

Project Author (2023-Present)

svelte tailwind firebase

To be released soon, this project is a platform for creating dyadic chat apps using a server-less framework (i.e., no need for web sockets/socket.io for user-to-user communication).

Featured in this preprint and presented in a talk given at the 2023 MIND summer school in Hanover, NH.

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Svelte Radio Podcast

Episode Guest (2023)


Had the opportunity to go on Svelte Radio with my dear friend/mentor/collaborator @ejolly to talk about our experience with using Svelte to build interactive web apps for our research!

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Interactive 2-player trust game

Project Author (2023-Present)

svelte tailwind firebase

Implementation of an interactive 2-player trust game à la Chang et al. (2010).

Featured in the PBS NOVA episode "who's in control?".


Women in Network Science (WiNS) Society members database

Project Author (2022-Present)

javascript html

Created a way for users to search and filter through the WiNS members database.

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Multi-user synchronous video streaming & chat app platform

Project Author (2021-Present)

svelte tailwind firebase

To be released soon, this project is a platform for creating multi-user chat apps with synchronous video streaming. Implemented in both a server-less and server-based framework.

Presented in a poster at the 2023 SANS annual meeting in Santa Barbara, CA.

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DartBrains: Intro to fMRI

Contributor (2021-Present)

jupyter book

An introduction to fMRI preprocessing & analysis.

info theory book for social neuroscientists

Info theory for Social Neuroscientists

Contributor (2022)

jupyter book

Introductory tutorials and materials on information theory with applications to social neuroscience.



Software Developer (2019-2021)

react electron firebase

Built with flexible deployment in mind, Honeycomb is a web-based application template that makes deploying tasks to the web, mobile, and desktop easy. Crucially, we make it possible to run in-lab/clinic and at-home/online experiments with the same codebase. No more rewriting your experiments for different platforms! We also make sending event triggers through JavaScript possible, permitting researchers to collect EEG data in the lab and at home.

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